We Love Peterborough gets involved in raising money for local charities! We saw the enticing notice from Nene Park’s Ferry Meadows with regards to Christmas Tree Festival and how could I not sponsor one on their behalf for such a great area of Peterborough which is utilised by so many… there’s less action going on during the winter months but the idea of our very own Christmas Tree was too much to resist. The sponsorship money helps raise crucial funds for Nene Park Trust, directly supporting the upkeep of the Park.

Sponsorship done! (Trees cost £80, including a recommended donation of £60 to Nene Park Trust (charity number: 800067)) – amazing.. so then what to do with it? Just normal decorations do we think? No definitely not, why not do a double wammy and help someone else too!

That in mind we wanted to pick a local charity which wasn’t much heard of and after much searching a friend mentioned Free Kicks Foundation. Now I’m not a footie fan at all but I can appreciate that others are and that children, girls and boys, are in awe of some of their favourite teams and players. My children are all grown up now but it sounded like the ideal charity for putting a smile on someone’s face. Free Kicks Foundation work with providing football related activities for ill, bereaved and disadvantaged children giving them a day to remember with their favourite football club.

How to help… well there’s another thing, after painting one or two rocks, it felt the natural thing to paint some wooden baubles that could be used for either more children’s names (especially if it’s Santa putting them on the tree to show that your child has been noted as ‘good’ this year), your name or a business name. So, baubles purchased, paint and paintbrushes and varnish at the ready…..

How can you join in?

  1. Each bauble has a minimum donation of £3.
  2. Simply click the link below make your donation – you can stay anonymous if you like.
  3. The colour if you have a preference (green, red, blue, gold, purple, black)
  4. The name or business name to go on the bauble
  5. Your bauble will take a little time as we have to: base paint, top paint, add glitter, paint the name, varnish, wait for it to not rain so we can add it to the tree!

Link: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/welovepeterboroughxmastree

Once created we will send you a photograph and and you’ll see if on our tree videos when they are added each week.

You’re more than welcome to come along and see the tree, you’ll find the Christmas Tree Festival garden right next to the visitor centre at Ferry Meadows – mark any photographs you take of yourself with your bauble or our tree as #WeLovePeterboroughBaubles !

So I’d like to say a HUGE, did I say HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so far. THANK YOU.

Please email us at susan@welovepeterborough.co.uk or add it in the notice on your bauble donation space.

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