We were invited along to a free hour of playing games at the newly renovated Glo-Golf on Wentworth Street, so needless to say we were happy to attend for some early 5pm entertainment on a Wednesday evening. The invitation was to play GloGolf’s new darts games and to try out a game of shuffleboard. We loved it!

The Glo Darts is an AR darts game which is the latest technology in social entertainment…the system detects where your darts land on and off the board.  They have a master VIP area for darts which is where we started off. Now I’ve not lifted a dart in years, which is about the same amount of time for last being in a pub with a darts board! LOL anyway in for a penny in for a pound as they say. Being short I needed a chance so was ‘allowed’ to stand over the line a little bit.

As it’s an augmented reality darts game you get the choice of selecting the game you want to play. We entered our details on the game display, where you can also add a photo or choose an icon for your player details, and as we had no idea about the games we chose the Robin Hood game to start with as it looked like something simple.

This game skill of Robin Hood was all about hitting the inner zone or a bullseye for maximum points. The way it works is that the dartboard is no normal dart board, it’s a smart one which means every time you hit an area on the board (or outside the board LOL) it knows and calculates everything for you! The board detects spikes in electromagnetism to determine where and when darts have landed in it. Any steel tip darts can be used, so you can bring your own if you have them, but they need to be magnetised for detection. Back to the game –  no counting and totting up. Play on…Even as a newbie, I won that round. Whoop Whoop!!!

Next up we chose Halve It – it looked colourful anyway. The aim was that you start on 40 points and you have to hit the gold areas to earn more points. Easy game you think, BUT if you miss you lose half your points!!! Anyway still managed to win by a couple of points.

We then moved away from the VIP area and played on the lounge area dart boards. The actual dartboard area is not an interactive screen display as all the information you need to play is on a separate board nearby. This time we played with Varun and Luke to show us some of their skills. Just be warned, Varun is very good! So, at this point we lost the will to live as he annihilated us with his 95 points and our 48 and 46!  We found the Killer game hard and we lost due to actually not understanding what we were doing (our fault). Thinking we needed to get the shaded areas when we didn’t. The actual aim of the game was to hit your assigned numbers/shaded area ONLY with 3 darts and then you go into ‘killer’ mode. In killer mode you then need to hit your opponent’s numbers to kill them completely out of the game. Anyway, we still enjoyed it but needless to say, we were out!

We ordered some food, as we were a bit peckish and decided to go for the 3 for £12 tapas. We received some prawn nibbles, nachos, halloumi bites and some dips. All of which came quickly and tasted good. Great for just a nibble. There are other items on the menu like burgers, wraps, and platters and a kids menu and they also do a wonderful range of cocktails which are £7.50 of 4 for £25 any cocktail you want! Everything has an offer so look before you go to get the best deals.

After filling a hole in our bellies when then had a quick game of shuffleboard, which neither of us had played before. Plenty of sand on the board, throw your puck and try to score points on the other side and into the grid, unless of course your opponent hits yours off the board. You score points from your opponent’s nearest puck. We just played for fun and enjoyed the time there.

Whilst there I noticed that the golf has had a refresh too. It’s better quality and the game area has changed a bit. It’s a really nice small entertainment area with some good choices of games and great offers. So next time you’re looking for something to do/somewhere to go, book up at Glo Golf.

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Offers: Book for 60 mins or 90 mins.
Off Peak Pricing: Interactive darts £20 per lane / Augmented Reality (AR) darts £25 per lane (Sunday 6pm to Friday 5pm)
Peak Pricing: Interactive darts £30 per lane / Augmented Reality (AR) darts £35 per lane (Friday 5pm to Sunday 6pm)
You can have a maximum of 12 people in the lane so it’s only around £1.60 per player so great value.
If you’re in a group I’d definitely recommend the VIP area (where you have a hatch to speak to the bar too!) as it’s your area with chairs and it’s semi-private.

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