Deciding on what I wanted for lunch today as I was wandering around town, I thought I’d try somewhere that I’d not yet been… Along Cowgate you’ll find a small food outlet called ‘The Good Stuff’.

I’d already heard good reports on their food and seen how healthy their ingredients were for all kinds of eaters: carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, etc (sorry if you’re in the etc)… so I thought I’d give it a go.

The place is only small, but really packs a punch with their huge menu and great range of choices. I was overwhelmed with what I wanted to try.. Soups, Breakfast items, Pizzas (not the traditional toppings I warn you), Kebabs, Curry Pots, Protein Pots, Burgers, Burritos, Wraps, Salads & Sandwiches as well as Juices, Smoothies and hot drinks even desserts if you’ve got a sweet tooth…. but I have to contain myself and just order one thing each please… So, let’s try the Mexican Burrito – this comes with spicy rice, black beans, red onions, tomatoes, corn and aged cheddar and I chose a non-spicy chicken as a protein filling with the addition of some garlic mayo for cooling it down. Then for me personally, I went for The Good Chicken Burger of which I chose coriander chicken breast, low-fat yoghurt slaw finished with a low fat/low carb bun. I added some salad which was the traditional lettuce and tomato but also added beetroot with that for a bit of extra wetness and light mayo.

There are also a whole range of sides if you’re wanting to fill yourself up with a huge bowl of goodness from white rice, brown rice, spicy rice, quinoa, rice noodles, brown pasta, spinach, kale, edamame beans, sweet potato mash and a selection of sauces too like ranch, bbq, siracha, hot pepper, yoghurt mint etc so you’re not going to be bored with a bowl of greens.

I had to wait for it to be prepared as it was all going to be cooked from fresh, so I took a seat. You have the choice to eat in as well if you want with around 8 seats if you’re thinking of popping in and not taking away. When it was ready it was packed in compostable packing along with the same in the knife and fork which I was given. Great for the environment as it’s manufactured from renewable plant-based materials which means it can be put out with the food waste and composted! (Good stuff!) #ImGoingCompostable

Now to a test, wrapped and boxed I had 10-minute walk home, so would it stand the test of getting cold? Yes it did. I handed my husband his surprise lunch and sat down to eat my burger on a plate. How tasty both dishes were. (Husband used to be a Mexican chef – so hats off to who made the burrito!) Filling and even though you think that it doesn’t look a lot, he was quiet for 10 minutes at least LOL. My burger was massive, couldn’t actually get my little mouth open large enough so nibble I did. The chicken was a large breast cooked very well with lovely succulent soft meat. The burger bun was nice and I didn’t miss the lower fat and carbohydrate content. All round a good meal had by both of us and it wasn’t that expensive.. yes it’s not a 99p cheeseburger from round the corner, but then this was a handmade, from fresh – very filling – huge lunch. To be fair, it was too big for me, but I’m not complaining. I won’t be needed anything else to eat for a while, well until I get in the cinema this afternoon LOL. Lunch cost me £13.20 (£6.75 burger and £6.45 burrito).

Next time you’re in town thinking about where to eat, or you work in the centre and fancy a change from your packed lunch, why not give The Good Stuff a try.. you might just satisfy your hunger in one meal. If you go regularly you can even join their loyalty scheme: your 6th box will be FREE, get a FREE meal on your birthday, receive discount offers and obviously hear about any promotions they will be having, first.

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