So after spotting a post on Facebook this morning I sauntered down to Queensgate (at the entrance to McDonalds) to take a look at the #FAFPTB Free Art Friday Peterborough Galler Pop-Up. I was greeted by the lovely Kaine, who paused for a few moments from writing numbers on stickers, who told me all about what was going on….Free Art Friday is a concept where #Artists get together and give some of their artwork away for free. Yes I said FREE. It basically helps to get unknown artists – known. In this small gallery you will find numerous styles, colours, sizes and themes of artwork. Each one of them is numbered and some have a red dot. So, how does it work? The gallery is here for just a week so you need to ‘pop-in’ and take a look around and see which work of arts you like the best. Jot the number down on the FAFPTB ticket – you can choose 3 including just 1 with a red dot, and then hand it back over, keeping your copy. In a week’s time they will make a drawer and you may be the lucky winner of your FREE piece of artwork. If you do win you’ll need to be able to pick it up on February 10th.

Kaine showed us his works KORP ( and on asking how his little creature KorpWorm came about it, he told me the story of playing with art ideas with faces on fingers… and Korp was born…. you’ll see Kaine stood next to Korpworm below. There are numerous other artsist’s works for you to see too, you may already be familiar with the works of Jason Duckmanton ( who’s had his artwork on display at the Visitor Centre and at Art in the Heart previously… he creations are story-like images with dark twists especially his magpie and Alice series. You’ll also find works here by Tony Nero ( who’s artwork you’ll currently find at The Broadway theatre and even some colourful bunnies which really caught my eye… Bunny (

It’s strange how art comes about, you think you probably won’t be interested but as you start looking around you’ll find pieces that really do catch your eye. So anyway, I’ve put my name if for 3 pieces of artwork I possibly would never have bought and would never have given a second look to, but standing there it seems to grow on you.

So if you’re in Queensgate and you have some time to spare, take a stroll to the Gallery Pop-Up and take a look. You might surprise yourself!

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