Day 23 of our 30 Days in May Challenge: The Magician’s Apprentice

‘You applied for the job as an apprentice, but when you arrive at the theatre you discover the magician has disappeared! The performance starts in one hour and the show must go on…..Can you decode the magician’s secrets and tricks to get on stage in time?’

Tonight we’re hoping to complete our given event task in an hour of skillful sensibility, quizzical questions, master maneuverability, cautious codebreaking and a bit of common sense.  With one newcomer (Tracy and the two of us ‘experienced‘ players – I use the word lightly as we are not die-hard escape artists…we’re in for an entertaining night, I’m sure.

Thinking Outside the Box Escape Rooms are located on Cattlemarket Road and has two rooms to escape from. Literally, you don’t have to escape, as if needed the door will be opened to let you out, so no worries there. However, to get in the theme of the game, we will pretend we can’t get out! It’s a unique experience where you have clues to find, solve, sometimes machines to build… it’s your ‘Raider’s of the Lost Ark’ in a room basically and you have to find and do everything within the assigned time of 60 minutes. Sometimes they are excruciatingly hard and other times they are easy as pie… it all depends on what you know at that particular time and the luck of the draw.

So, wish us luck and on we go with the show…..

66 minutes later and we are finally out! Without giving anything away, this particular game is….exciting, colourful, lifting, mummyfying. LOL. Honestly, we had one hour of fun. The three of us were all over working out clues, colours, numbers and more. It’s a great brain workout and sure to keep Dementia away. I think you’ll probably be a love’em or hate’em type of game player.

Our advice is to play the game and have fun without taking it too seriously. When you get stuck, you really do get stuck. Sometimes it is best when there’s 4-6 of us as your logical thinking will work differently between you and you get that ‘hey presto’ moment where it just clicks. We had some eureka moments through the game! Here are a few parts of our best conversations “Bah!” – “Can we have a clue?” – “So, just use the last key first then!” – “2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate!” – ‘It’s a triangle with curlywurlies” – oh and did I mention … “Can we have a clue?

Apart from jumping out of my skin at one stage as one clue was solved, we had a fun time full of cunning clues, straight forward thinking and magical mayhem! – Needless to say that at 66 minutes the Magician was not impressed with our work and we didn’t get the job!

Escape rooms here are not just for adults only, kids can enjoy these here too. Sometimes, they are ones that know the answer. Jason created TOTB and with the help of being a teacher, he really knows how to put your mind to work with school type codes (that us adults have forgotten how to do LOL) It’s also a great team builder for any business wanting to get their staff working together. You are limited to the number of people in the room, but good to create teams to play against one another and then go out for a bite to eat after… you’ll be buzzing all night discussing why this worked and when you found that, and why on earth you didn’t guess that!

Summer’s coming up soon which means that school is out, so why not have a family activity and see if you can escape too. The room can be adjusted for a family with children ages 8 years and up, changing the puzzles to suit a younger audience.  (Some adult assistance is still required in the room.)

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