Dane & Becky have been working hard to get it ready and all they are waiting for now is the signage and the coffee machine. ☕️

Never been before? You book a table by the hour and choose a game to play… I actually couldn’t see any games that I recognised like that family argument causer Monopoly! They are new games which can be anything from; an easy family game to a difficult strategy game, from a solo game to a team escape game. If you need a hand to pick a game – they are experienced at giving you something ideal, something that you like or they can help you to actually understand and play a new game. It’s a brilliant concept so that all of us don’t have to be sitting there on our phones all the time and it encourages kids and adults to play, talk and have fun.

On top of that if you actually like the game that you’ve tried out for the first time you may have the opportunity to buy it from the shop.

Both rooms, upstairs and downstairs, are very homey with plenty of tables to play. A nice cafe bar for food, hot and cold drinks, and not at unreasonable prices.

They are open 7 days a week, check their website/social for any changes – All you have to do is go online at www.the-dice-box.co.uk/peterborough-dice-box to book your required table for 1,2,3,4 or 5 hours.

Have fun.

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