Laugh? it’s a continuous roll! 🙂

Tonight was opening night for Lamphouse Theatre’s edition of their ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ and what a night it was….!

A ‘Clever – Ingenious – Full of Humour’ rollercoaster ride of entertainment.

Take my hat off to Tom Fox, the one-man Scrooge, Cratchit family, Marley, Ghosts, bystanders and all. It’s a mad-cap caper of a live stage show that’s worth the tenner to go, have a laugh (what we probably need) and keep a small theatre company going, in the process.

From flying ghosts and hidden rooms to clever acting – it’s a nonstop 70 minutes of pure showmanship. Jokes, songs, musical talents and being clever with props really is the highlight of this show. Great for all ages to cover a comical version of this Christmas classic.
‘Just what I needed. ‘

The seating in the studio is in banked seats with at least 3 spaces between you and the next.
Masks are worn throughout the show.
Upstairs you can have drinks to takeaway from the bar but not sit in.
Also there’s no interval. so the 7pm show was finished by 8.15pm.
Tickets: £10 Per Person. £7 Children under 16 or £30 Family – Buy your tickets online at vivacity.
Running from tonight @ 7pm through to Thursday 24 December at 2.30pm

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