Day 14 of our 30 Days of May Challenge: The Cinema

Yes it’s an all-time favourite when you’re thinking about what to do as family, a couple of friends. Tonight we’re off to Peterborough’s large cinema complex out at Boongate for an evening showing.

I love the cinema now it has their customisable recliner seats, you just sit down, feet up and slide back – pure comfort. Trouble is you have to make sure you don’t fall asleep…. no chance of that tonight as we’ve decided to come and watch: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile…  It’s staring Zac Efron Ted (Efron): handsome, smart, charismatic, affectionate. Liz (Collins): a single mother, cautious, but smitten. A picture of domestic bliss, the two seem to have it all figured out. That is until Ted is arrested and charged with a series of murders. It’s a chronicle of the crimes of Ted Bundy, from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend, who refused to believe the truth about him for years

It’s not something I’d generally watch and the reviews are 50/50 but the trailer looked interesting. Also, my first choice Hustle was fully booked out. So here we are… I won’t spoil the film obviously but here’s hoping I’ll be able at least to watch most of it.

Verdict: “it’s a long, long eye-opening documentary… you could believe he was innocent. In my opinion it needed some gore.”


Travelling by car there’s ample spaces, but did you know that there’s also a bus service that you can get if you’re car less? It’s not available on Sundays but Monday to Saturday here’s the timetable: they may be useful more for daytime showings or at least getting their with your friends and then parents picking kids up when it’s finished if it’s evening.

Route number 61
Queensgate Bus Station Bay 11    1034 1334 1634 1839
Fengate First Drove                       1040 1340 1640 1845
Showcase Cinema                          1049 1349 1649 1854

Return Journey
Showcase Cinema                          1113 1413 1713(sat) 1718(m-f) 1728(sat) 1733(m-f)
Fengate First Drove                      1122 1422 1722(sat) 1724(m-f) 1737(sat) 1739(m-f)
Queensgate Bus Station Bay 11  1128 1428 1728(sat) 1730(m-f) 1743(sat) 1745(m-f)

Another thing about cinema is the price… yes it can be expensive, however, the best thing you can do, even if it’s just for one visit, is to register for an Insider Card. I wouldn’t be without mine. Here’s why? You SAVE money and earn rewards.

  • DISCOUNTED admission from £7.30 (Sundays after 7pm and all day Monday and Tuesday)
  • Earn 10% rewards on tickets, snacks and drinks that you purchase there including Costa Coffee
  • Advance screening offers which come to you via their newsletter
  • Exclusive competitions and film news
  • CLICK HERE register

Look how much you will save on your normal £11.25 ticket – £3.95 – it’s got to be worth it!

Taking the kids? General admission is normally £11.25 adults and £7.75 up to 14 yr olds. If you’ve got a family of 2 adults and 2 kids instead of paying £38 you’ll be paying just £30.10 (with your insider tickets) or simply ask for a Family Ticket where the cost is just £30!

Want a treat..Have you thought about buying one of their Gift Card Packs?

The Showcase Gift Pack costs £31.70 and includes:

2 standard admission vouchers*
2 small dispensed soft drinks vouchers
1 medium Popcorn voucher

(you do have to pay a £2.50 pp fee on top of this)

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