Welcome to Wonderland….I booked for an hour’s VR play thinking, hey I’ll test this out, I like VR on the PS4 with my lovely little robot jumping around and hunting out his lost fellow robots – in fact, what could be better than an hour actually playing as ‘me’ in a virtual escape room game?

Due to a technical hitch the cutesy ‘Alice’ in her beautiful wonderful wasn’t working so we had the option of playing another VR game but with a tad different theme… this was called ‘Safe Night Zombie Apocolypse’…..errrrrrr. Ok! In for a penny in for a pound. (am I mad) I’ve watched the Walking Dead, it can’t be too bad…… can it?

Wow!!! Wow wow – that was the most intense: blood-curdling, heart-racing, adrenaline-flowing, susan-screaming hour that I’ve ever spent and it was all Escape Peterborough’s fault now running The Mind Factory!

What I actually played was a high-intensity free-roam VR experience which is available for 2 or 3 players. All kitted out with a VR headset, wired up with ankle and wrist bracelet all that was left to do was to pick up my rifle when visible. The white room around me faded into a lovely star-filled sky and the sun setting to the west. All of a sudden the cage appeared and I was transported to the future… “The year is 2041, just after the nuclear war. Because of nuclear fallout, almost all living creatures on earth have been irradiated and have mutated into zombies. You and your friends have avoided that fate, and have finally made it to the extraction point, but must defend yourselves from the zombies until the helicopter arrives to take you to safety. Be prepared to sweat, shoot, yell, heal your friends, engage in hand-to-hand combat — and love every minute!”

Slowly, slowly they started to appear. Lock and load we’re off, zombies come from every direction – that’s why it needs a minimum of two of you. Die and you’ve got to reach your teammates to tag them back to life. Ha Ha, there was plenty of that in this game as we both died together several times. Quick get back on your square pad to reboot back to life, whilst knowing there’s a zombie breathing down your neck. At the end of the game you get a scoreboard of everything you did, from gun killings to kicking or hand killing – you’ve got to punch a few of them when they get too close you know!

It is intense and the theme changes throughout the game, if you’re scared at the start there will be screams later on. (and that includes the lad that went in after me!!! LOL) They come from everywhere – from the hidden places around you, off the roof and even from under the earth. Dare you step over the crevice??? I’m not going to spoil anymore for you, you’ll just have to try it with a couple of friends and see for yourself. There are 3 levels; easy, normal and get me out of here…. So you can keep coming back for more!

It’s a new concept of Mind VR gaming from Escape Peterborough who are taking bookings for you to play and by the time this is out, there will be a selection of games for you… but please, at least once for me, try the Zombie game! (Don’t tell my husband that I told you, but by the way, I won! lalalalalalala)

Below you’ll see a few ‘screen shots’ but as these are taken from the monitor of a player it’s so fast moving I couldn’t catch them in focus so either squint or move back to see it more in focus. 🙂

Thanks for a great evening Ryan, much appreciated to see you all open again and can’t wait to come back and do the actual ‘Alice’ fantasy escape and also their newest traditional escape room ‘Escape the Seven Seas’.

The Zombie VR is obviously for 12+, me? I’d not recommend it for anyone under 16, but times change. Let’s hope I don’t have nightmares tonight! (did I say “I won”!) lol

Want to know more? Visit their website at Mind Factory.

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