Day 24 of our 30 Days in May Challenge: Gone To The Dogs

Tonight we’re at Peterborough Greyhounds taking advantage of their Friday Night racing. We arrived at 6.30pm and chose their Silver Package for an evening out. You have an hour to eat before the racing starts and with this package, a Tote Messenger comes round asking for your bets.

If you’re stuck on what to bet on there’s plenty of help in the programme explaining what they are with ‘win’, ‘place’, ‘trio’ etc. Also if you find it difficult picking a number you can also use their lovely new ‘number picker’ which is on your table for you to spin. (great idea)

So, on with the evening. Samuel saw us to our table 214 and immediately we were given a drinks menu by our server Abbey. Every member of staff we came in contact with was happy and attentive. Drinks came straight away and we ordered our food. Every time we finished Abbey asked if we were ready for our next course so we weren’t rushed. Plenty of time before the racing began.

We ordered Seafood Cocktail starters, Steak & Ale Pie and Summer in Winter Chicken both served with vegetables and new potatoes, Chocolate Fudge Gateau and some Cheese & Biscuits. All the food was lovely, especially the starter. There are cocktails and mocktails available on the menu too so I was treated to a  Prosecco Bellini.

Before each race the dogs are checked over to make sure they are fit and healthy and that their muzzles are on okay. There’s also a vet on hand to make sure all the dogs are okay after the racing too.

You don’t have to have a wad of cash either… I was placing a £1 bet each time only. Throughout the evening I spent £10 – My first race came in first (from a place bet) and I won £1.10 – last of the big winners eh! LOL. 2nd race I lost. 3rd race I won on a place bet £1.30. 4th race I won £1.70 so the 5th race I decided to do a ‘win’ bet and came in at £2.40! Whoop. Race 6 I lost, then race 7 I won a wonderful £3.90 then I got daring and did a ‘trio’ bet on race 8 which means giving 3 numbers in any place (cost me £2) For I went outside where you can get closer to the racing, although I believe you can see better from the height of your seats through the windows.. but it was good to go outside and see them race….and I lost with my ‘6-2-1’ instead of the winning ‘4-2-1’ which would have given me £116 winnings! … Back to my singles and race 9 I lost, race 10 I came 2nd and then it was time for the May Human Hound Race…

What on earth is the Human Hound Race? Well, just that. In the race, dressed up in their dog-hound outfits were Aldermore Bank, Whizz Kids, Little Miracles and Moulton Harrocks Cricket Club.. on your marks, get set, go… and around 200 metres they ran after the Human Hare! – I won a massive £3.80 on that so I was pleased.

Here are some of your entry/food choices in more details:

Restaurant Silver Package

  • Entry and Race Programme
  • Starter
  • Main course
  • Dessert
  • Hot Beverage
  • PLUS Full Drink and Tote Messenger Service to your table

Wednesdays: £19.95 per person / Fridays: £21.95 per person / Saturdays: £27.95 per person

Other restaurant packages are available as Bronze (no hot drink or dessert) or upgrade to Gold which includes cheese & biscuits and seats near the winning line.

The seating is in booths which can fit from 4-6 people which is great for families and group nights out. Children are well taken care of with their own little package of Entry, Main Course & Dessert for Wednesdays: £9.50  / Fridays: £12.50  / Saturdays: £14.50.

So, what sort of things are there on the menu, well you’ll be surprised. Steak and Ale Pie, Honey and Mint Lamb Shank (G/F), Summer in Winter Chicken, Red Thai Vegetable Curry (V) (G/F), Potato, Cheese, Onion and Leek Bake (V) and Swordfish Supreme (G/F). You can see that they cater for all dietry requirements which is great from their main menu.. alternatively you can have something from the grill: 8oz English Fillet Steak** (G/F*) (£4.50 Extra), Gammon Steak or Maple Gammon Steak (G/F).

You’re not restricted to the restaurant packages, you can opt for either their Pizza & Pasta Restaurant area with full menu with packages again, these start with Bronze at just £11.95 and include Entry and Race Programme, Starter, Main course, plus Full Drink and Tote Messenger Service to your Table. (Kids £9.50)

Or you can have their Grandstand Entry giving you access to their diner for food and drink. If there’s a group of you, minimum 6, why not opt for the great value ‘6 Pack’ which for £13 includes entry and race programme, meal from the diner, 2 drinks, £2 lucky dip tote jackpot bet and a £5 voucher for next time you come. And if you’re looking at giving your boss an idea for a works do, why not suggest their Raceview Suite Packages which cater for a minimum of 40 people with various food options.

An evening out if you go up the far end and choose their cheapest option of diner food listing, you’ll be spending around £20 for a decent night out, which isn’t bad. Eat in the restaurants and it will be around £30 for your evening. I think for some fun with your mates or work colleagues, something good to eat and a whole evening from 7.30-10.30pm it’s worth coming along. They race on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and kids are always welcome. More especially through half-term as kids eat for half price in both restaurants plus the clown Stripey Wipey is in attendance on Wed 29th May.

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