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I am Nathan, but my friends call me Nate, I am the founder and photographer at A Smile A Day Photography, and I’d like to extend a warm thank you for looking at my details.
A Smile A Day Photography is a business I grew out my love to help support others, I love to help people grow, my biggest thrill is watching others succeed. I honestly believe in the power of uplifting others, we’re all here to find passion and love for doing something that we love.
When it comes to my photography skills, the thing I brag about is that I love capturing those raw moments. The brutal truth is that having your photo taken can seem daunting, we are all self-conscious in some way or another, but I specialise in capturing raw unscripted photos, moments that you didn’t even realise I was watching or capturing.As your photographer, I can help make your wedding day less stressful and more enjoyable. I can guide you in posing naturally, capturing candid moments, and choosing the best spots for your photos. I am a storytelling photographer, I love those raw moments, the unscripted kiss, the hug with a friend who is watching with joy, and with my creative vision and technical skill, I can create a stunning visual narrative of your special day, which you’ll be proud to share and cherish for years to come.



  • FREE a handmade wooden memory box with USB with your wedding photos
  • FREE 10 free 6×4 photographs, chosen by me of my favourite moments
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