Off to NeverLand we go…well actually it’s the Key Theatre on the embankment, but it doesn’t matter as it’s Christmas which means it’s time for the annual pantomime. Love them or hate them… the jokes are cringy, the costumes colourful, there’s satin and glitter and padding everywhere and basically the show is a blast and you can’t not join in. The deputy Mayor John Fox was there tonight along with some other VIPs to see the show.

This year it’s Peter Pan where you’re kids are going to fall in love with Nana the Darlings’ dog, the adults will laugh at Nanny Goggins and everyone will enjoy the cast with Tinkerbell, the Darlings children, the pirates and the lost girls and boys and of course not forgetting the foreboding villain of the story; Captain Hook.

The children have an array of items to choose from this year….so be warned….there’s bright retro flashing glasses, unicorn fibre optics, light up snowflakes, pirate swords, foam pirate hats and star wands on arrival. If I was a kid, I’d want one! They can also be fed with the snack pack which are great for kids with a bag of popcorn, a fruit shoot drink, a pack of buttons and an ice-cream voucher for the interval. Not bad… lots of flavours to choose from too from mint choc chip, lemon, rum & raisin, chocolate, toffee, vanilla and many more. The programme is definitely worth a look in at just £2.50 as it’s full of pirate themed games and activities for the kids when they get home.

So, that’s the kids sorted. You can order your adult goodies at the bar so you don’t feel left out! LOL Glass of wine at the ready.

The lights go down and you’re greeted by Tink (played by Katie Pritchard), who you’ll recognise from other pantomimes, with her cut sense of humour.. then onto the opening scene of the Darlings’ bedroom where you meet some non-conventional children including Wendy, John and Michaela (instead of Michael) and the endearing Nanny Gee (Anthony Hoggard’s first appearance and I’m sure it won’t be his last). It’s not long before they’re singing and dancing and Peter Pan (Rebecca Levy) comes on the scene and whisks them off to Neverland….and you’ll meet up with a large as life Captain Hook (Richard Costello) but that’s enough of the story as I don’t want to spoil it.

Go with the kids – they’re going to love it, go with your friends/mum/dad/work colleagues you’ll enjoy the show. It’s got all the traditional elements you’ll love… oh yes you will! with adult humour too. The great thing about the show is that it’s musical too, most of the cast being able to play something at some time or another from the saxophone to drums, from the flute to the guitar, it gives the kids something to aspire too. And just to add, Peter Pan is an amazing singer along with Dolores Smee (Francesca Fenech)

Playing at the Key Theatre right up to 6th January 2019. The evening show starts at 7pm – running time is 2 hours 10 mins (including the interval)

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