Looking for a few early Christmas presents I went up to the newly-opened (well 10 weeks ago) Stamford Heavenly Chocolates new shop at Sacrewell Farm. Tucked away in the corner of Sacrewell Farm’s new Courtyard area, it looks a very nice improvement on their Stamford location.

The waft of sweetness hits you as you walk in the shop and you’re greeted with an array of chocolate items everywhere along with a bit of sparkle, a Christmas tree, a reindeer and of course a Santa Claus! Ho, Ho, Ho. They’ve now got lots of space which includes a huge area for when they do their every-popular chocolate-making workshops as well as a large workshop where their chocolate machines continuously spin in the background – I think I’d be spending more time eating it than trying to ignore it, so I’d better not apply for a job. LOL.

Barbara (who owns the store) showed me around her wonderful little empire. The shop has loads to choose from as you can see from the photos and a lot of seasonal chocolates have already been created for you to buy now ready for Christmas. Personalised name letters with smartie type toppings (just £3), lollies come in all shapes and sizes with sweet toppings or maybe a piggy or two. Large slabs are great for sharing and can be topped with some classic biscuits like Oreo, Jammie Dodgers, Cookies and Wafers – you’ll have fun eating these fighting over which part you want. If you want anything writing on slabs it’s easily done as you can see and they can even make holes for the candles. (Well that would be my slab melted then!!!!) There are smaller bars with either the face of a reindeer or a snowman or a giant Christmas Slab (£15). Really cute are the Reindeer marshmallow sticks – and I think they’ve got curly-wurly horns – great idea.

If you’re feeling creative you can buy some D.I.Y kits – the boxes come with all their ingredients and a full listing of instructions for you to follow step by step and have fun with the kids at home (or by yourself) – there’s a pinky unicorn kit (£16), a superhero kit (£16), a chocolate pizza kit (£18), a Christmas house kit (£16) and an adult kit for making delicious truffles (£20). You’ll even find a chocolate wreath filled to the brim with nuts and dried fruit – mind you don’t go putting it out on your door – someone might eat it!

Lots of little bites are pre-packed with colourful ribbons for any time of year – hazelnut swirls, honeycomb, multicolored jazzies even aero mint bubble bars. And, did you know that you can even buy a pair of red & white chocolate shoes and a chocolate handbag for the fashion Diva in your family. I spied a singular pack of dark chocolate pretzels.. they’re not there now as they are definitely coming home with me!  Don’t forget hot chocolate stirrers, nothing beats one of those in your hot chocolate. The funniest thing in the shop was a blue slab cookie monster… I only noticed when I looked through my photos who it was, doh!

Especially for the festive season are some in-house created sparkling Santa sacks that are personalised and filled with goodies. These make great stocking fillers, but if you don’t want a reindeer print you can also opt for a ‘Santasaurus’ sack instead and even chocolate brussels sprouts – dare you?

On the counter you’ll find some divine boxed chocolates: peach melba, mint crunch, champagne, passion fruit, whisky and more flavouers. I definitely couldn’t resist one or two..  Start with a box of 6 and build your way up for small or large treats for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries – well chocolate is for any day really isn’t it?

You’ll also find a range of items are made dairy-free and some vegan items too. Just ask what’s available if you don’t see what you want.

The girls Kirsty, Fiona and Kelly were busy beavering away in their chocolate room creating lots of goodies.  They’d just finished working on one of their newest products – ‘The Movie Night In Box‘…. it’s a delightful box full of treats that any family can enjoy (especially now with lockdown coming on) The box contains a family size popcorn in a popcorn box, hot chocolate for 4 people, honeycomb (my favourite), chocolate coins, 4 mini bars, pick’n’mix sweeties and then also you’ll find some family games like a Christmas quiz or charades. All served up in a box to your door. What a fab idea and only costs £18 for your family night in, all you need to do is pick the film!

Actually just maybe ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’….in fact, I noticed a mirror on the wall with Mr Wonka’s great saying which also fits this shop superbly…

“We Are The Chocolate Makers and We Are The Dreamers of Dreams.”

The shop will be closing to the public tomorrow (Thursday 5th November) as will Sacrewell. They will, however, continue to create all their goodies for the many orders online. Items can be delivered all over the UK and for anyone living locally there is a click and collect option where, when your order is ready they will notify and agree a time for collection. You’ll find it all on their website:


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