This is the story of Sleeping Beauty – the enchanting tale of true love, princesses, princes, fairies, wishes and rabbits!

The quality of everything impressed me the most, the actors on stage were talented musicians playing the clarinet, saxophone, accordion, trumpets, drums and many more which are all incorporated into the show. The lead actors were excellent, kid’s jokes and the usual shouting from the crowd, especially when looking out for trolls! mixed in with some good adult humour… watch out for the Queen’s underpants! The scenery was amazing, something I didn’t expect to see, those curtains (I want them). There’s a bunch of things in the story line that make it entertaining for the small kids as well as larger ones like woodland animals and again lots of interaction especially with Ding Dong Jingles…

There’s an intermission in the middle of the show for thirsty watchers or those needing the loo downstairs and then the second half restarts. It’s a great finale with a happy ending as usual. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Who was my favourite character? The Wicked Witch Carabosse of course (Lauren Storer), firstly, I could kill her for her dress and secondly her singing and acting was top notch. The boos came in from everywhere…..PD, CB and WC were the great fairy all round entertaining actresses – my favourite… WC and you’ll see why! (nudge nudge wink wink)… and of course the Queen is as large as life, literally, and has few whoppers up her sleeve as well as under her many skirts (Fred Broom).

On meeting the Director of the show, Simon Egerton, he was happy to share how hard everyone had worked and was glad that we’d liked the show. A lot of the main cast travel in but the children involved are all local talented children who take turns for the show nights in 3 teams. Well done for their dancing/acting skills.

Basically, if you want to be entertained and keep the kids happy at the same time, make a trip down to see Sleeping Beauty – a 100% date to make over the Christmas period. The show is on until 7th January 2018 – tickets cost from £10 to £18.50 with both afternoon and evening performances.

Tickets bookable online: vivacity-peterborough-sleeping-beauty

Please note: They are providing a special SIGNED performance for the deaf/heard of hearing: Sat 6th January at 4pm

And giving you a heads up – If you enjoy the show you can book now for next year AND if any children are interested in acting the panto for 2018 (Peter Pan) will be auditioning in the Autumn of 2018.

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