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Today we decided to eat out at Inari on Broadway, Peterborough and wow what an experience! Both ‘sushi virgins’ we were a little worried about eating things that we didn’t like; but left up to the Bar Manager Eduardo’s recommendations and Chef Regimantas we were pleasantly surprised and came away full and wanting to return soon.

Inari Sushi and Grill opened back in February and then, unfortunately, we then went into lockdown had to close to diners. However, they kept going with a takeaway option and are now open again for dining inside.

Chef Regimantas has been in to food creation since the early age of 18 and after working in many places including London and Europe has found himself here in lucky Peterborough. Working alongside him today are Antonio, Eduardo, Alex and Evaldas, putting their own creative talents to Japanese Sushi.

Asking about the name of the restaurant we found out that ‘Inari’ is the Japanese kami (goddess) of rice, tea and prosperity and the protector of foxes. This goddess is very widely worshipped throughout Japan. So how apt that they use a Japanese name for this quaint little restaurant, however, there were no foxes in sight. Seating approx 28 people, currently, it’s a galley seating arrangement with a bar seating area too. With an open kitchen, it’s where all the food is prepared before your eyes and what a feast for them too as these dishes really are an art in their own rights.

Regimantas Trimakas (Executive Chef) assured us that he would make something for beginners like us and not to worry. We sat down at our sparsely dressed (maybe feng shui) table. Chopsticks at the ready (you can have fork if you wish) and awaited our delights. We had a taste of a new drink too which is called Kombucha – this particular one was ginger, turmeric and black pepper – an eye-opening tea drink – something you need to try.

Regimantas prepared the Shake Toro Nigiri which is two pieces of seared salmon with teriyaki and truffle. The fatter cut of salmon is sliced quite thickly and seared easily due to the fat content then served with his own made soy/truffle sauce – as all their sauces are created in restaurant they just buy in the soy sauce to create with.  This is a tasty little fish starter – okay for sharing as we did as quite a mouthful.

Up next was a long plate of Deluxe Crispy Tiger Prawn Roll Sushi Ura Maki which was wonderfully prepared by Antonio de Flores (Head Chef). Flattened rice with fillings of shrimp and then rolled to perfection in minutes – A great classic of Tempura Shrimp, spicy sauce, cucumber, Sakura mix topped with avocado. Absolutely delicious and so light and filling. 8 pieces which, again, were ideal for sharing. First-timers can really have a ball here as everything is cut into mouthfuls of food.

Whilst awaiting our next dish, I spied that meat was being cooked on the robata charcoal grill on small skewers and large flames by Alex. Definitely something that we will have t try next time.

We made a request for a dish without cucumber for my husband, who won’t be enjoying the desserts! So, he had an extra Sushi Ura Maki of Crispy Tiger Prawn – similar to our 2nd dish this is Fried Tiger Prawn, avocado, (no) cucumber, chilli, toasted sesame and eel sauce. Again delicious. I had to try a bit. 😜

I was so glad to be introduced to Evaldas Juska who is Regimantas’s old friend and the pastry chef here. Last year you may have seen him on the Bake off Professionals from Channel 4, when he worked for a hotel. The programme is where they make all those wonderful desserts under pressure. Well, no pressure here at all, he has created an amazing dessert menu – so we, well ‘I’, had to dive in with the Selection for one.

I was expecting a long plate of tiny desserts all in a row and what came out really did take me by surprise…..You can see why!!! My very own ‘dessert’ island! (no spelling error) literally. It’s an amazing ending to a great meal with some tantalising desserts….

So here’s the rundown for those with a sweet tooth:

  • Cheese cream tart with lemon and shiso  – wow this is so creamy and takes you back to childhood days of light and sharp lemon meringue pie in a couple of mouthfuls
  • Frozen lemon cloud – cool and light.
  • Japanese honey sponge cake with strawberry & lime jam – sweet, filling and a hidden sweet surprise.
  • Dark chocolate donut – for chocolate & cinnamon lovers.
  • Chawanmushi set cream with sake and topped with passionfruit, mango and lime – creamy and refreshing.
  • Lollipop with caramelised bits and puffed rice – a really tasty and fun dessert.
  • Chocolate rocks selection. Matcha tea, lime & white chocolate – Spiced plum and dark chocolate – Cherry. sake and dark chocolate. – Now I am a dark chocolate lover and these were all sooo nice, but the funny thing is the best one was the green one, it’s a feisty little ball which is creamy and tarty and the edge of sharpness really tantalises your tongue. I’ll be coming back for more of these dreamy bites.

What a finale!

We spent just over an hour and a half here today (Thursday) costing £44.30 for the two of us – It was quiet at 12pm with chilled out music playing, time to enjoy chatting, eating and your surroundings with staff not being overrun. We didn’t come away hungry, it was a nice change to eat something completely different and unique to Peterborough’s town centre. It’s absolutely somewhere we will be coming back to with friends to share and enjoy with high quality – actually exceptional quality, food. The pleasure what definitely ours today.

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