Daniel (owner) and Elisha will be pleased to see you in a new independent food place on Midgate. Green Bay Salads only opened last Thursday ago…they are offering healthy salad food as an alternative to the other food offerings for lunches in Peterborough.

Peterborough-born Daniel wanted to be different in his food offerings as he realised that people’s food habits are changing more for the healthy options. Along with this he wanted people to have a CHOICE in what goes in their salad rather than just being given one completely and then having to pick bits out and throw them away.

Everything is prepared from fresh on the premises and they even have a large steamer for cooking your rice and pasta ready for serving. Nothing is pre-prepared, everything is prepared before your eyes….

For just £4 you can walk away with a FRESH salad for lunch that comes in a tidy little biodegradable box and fork. So how does it work?

  1. Pick your salad (any or all)
  2. Pick your partner
  3. Pick your one deli addition
  4. Add a dressing light or normal

And if you fancy fruit.., it’s £3 for a dessert of grapes, melons and pineapple. (Again it’s your choice as to what goes into the box) From Tuesday they will be open at 7:30am with additional options of yoghurt and a coffee for breakfast for £3.50.

So good luck to this new venture – why not pop in your lunch break or for an early breakfast before you go to work! You can eat in or take away.

Tasted good too… – I tried a turkey salad with brown rice and a honey & mustard dressing followed by the fruit box of grapes, grapefruit, melon and orange!

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