We’re off to see the Wizard…. What can I say this has to be the best ever pantomime I’ve been to.

It doesn’t mean that the others are not good, not by any means, because they are what they are…However, the Wizard of Oz is basically a show rather than just a pantomime.


You will find all your favourite characters within the show led by Dorothy-the lost girl, the brainless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Man, the cowardly Lion and a star performance by Toto the dog who puts in her own star performance (Tilly). Glinda, the Good Witch, is played by Katya Jones who is currently appearing on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She really does dance up a storm as we get to have a glimpse of some of her professional dance moves which is brilliant. (And who doesn’t want that dress!) 


Leah Pinny, Samuel Freeman, Ben Brooker and Thomas Cove all gave excellent singing and dancing performances of our famous four characters. Shane Convery does an awesome job of attracting as many boos and hisses as he can, as he takes to the stage as the Wicked Witch of the West dressed all in green with her broomstick.


The story they play on stage follows the story that we all love and know, with some little added extras along the way and twists of their own, learning that what we have is there all the time as our group of friends travel along the Yellow Brick Road out of Munchkinland, through the horrible forest, the field of poppies and try to dodge the wicked witch all the way to the sparkling Emerald city…


One thing that I really do have to mention is the scenery, it’s amazing!! There are plenty of changes within the show and the artwork that has gone into it is amazing. It basically takes the pantomime up a level which is why I would declare this more a pantomime ‘show’ then just a pantomime. You will be looking at the farm, Munchkinland, the yellow brick road and hillside, the poppy field, the spooky forest, going into the Emerald city and more…it really is pleasing to the eye with lots of glitter.


Take note of the ensemble in the back with a few young dancers taking part within the show with tap and modern dance moves. They add that extra bit to some of the scenes and made good munchkins too. 


Don’t expect to be singing ‘follow the yellow brick road’ as you won’t find that song within the couple of hours that you’re going to be in the theatre, but you’re going to be swinging, clapping, standing and singing to a lot of other well-known and appropriate favourites all through the show. all the way through there is fun for the kids, The traditional yes there is no there isn’t, kids jokes and there’s enough for the adults to be entertained too!!


Don’t forget a few extra pennies, as in the foyer you will find some sparkling toys as well as light up tiaras, and of course the program to go with the show.


The Panto is playing at the @NewTheatre until the 31st December, so if you are deciding what to go and see, make your mind up now so that you don’t miss out as it doesn’t carry on like some of the pantomimes through to January. 


Just for some extra information the company which have put the pantomime together is called Prime Pantomimes, a new production company which has been founded by Selladoor Worldwide. Well done, we will be back in 2020 for Aladdin! @PrimePanto 


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