I received an impromptu invite for a new company launch aimed at youngsters as well as the rest of us including businesses. I was intrigued so went along to see what it was all about across at Allia on London Road….

Tiago Varela is the man behind this venture and what a good one it is too. He is originally from Portugal and has now lived in Peterborough for many years. When coming here for the first time and entering the UK, being asked where he was going to at passport control, he proudly announced Peterborough to be given a stern face and comment of why on earth he’d want to come here… he has stayed and has Peterborough in his heart, as so many of us do. We aim to make Peterborough a better place with better opportunities for everyone.

ECP stands for Empowering Creative People. It’s all about giving creatives the opportunity to take that next step into either learning something new or building on already homed skills into something bigger. It’s about a place where music, dance and media are all at the forefront and not pushed aside as we see often done. It’s about building someone’s confidence, giving them the know-how of how to build on an idea, having a space to practice, play or professionalise themselves.

Tiago has had a host of mentors take him through turning his dream into a business and this is just the start of it. POSH have helped out with a space at the Football ground as a starting point and tonight we saw this materialise as they unveiled a sound room and a dance room. So how will that help the community and youth of Peterborough?

They will be providing the following elements:

Studio Hire – So whether you want to create your own business advert, record a song for your portfolio, do some voice overs – you can in their sound room. If you need a place to practice with a dance group you’ve put together, even practice on your own – you can in their studio. If you need a place for making a video or doing a photography shoot – you can in their studio.  It’s a multipurpose space for a creative hub.

Projects & Workshops – You’re looking to up your skills in videography or photography – you’ll be speaking with their resident photographer. You’re looking to learn some dance moves you’ll probably speak to Asha from Vibes, learn how to use a sound room, learn how to build a business – then the studio will be the place to get what you need along with their Artist Bundles which will be put together based around requirements. Maybe you just want to meet as a youth group where you’ll probably be looking at gelling with Sandro from New Youth Generation. It’s all about sharing and working together.

Events – opportunities to partake in different events and get involved will be coming up soon. Q&A sessions from experts in the field maybe even their very own ECP festival in Peterborough to celebrate the creativity we have.

Corporate Team Building – if you’re a business needing help in certain areas looking to network or for ECP to engage with your business. It’s coming up.

There are 3 main supporting large businesses behind them which are Opportunity Peterborough who are always looking to boost the outlook on Peterborough and to boost the morale of those within in especially in getting businesses to come and stay and give work to those in Peterborough as well as just creating a positive to our city. Cambridgeshire Constabulary who are loving the idea of getting youth off the streets and doing the things they love which is usually art, music and dance. Exploiting that so that it is recognised as something worth shouting about. Their aim is to also work with ex-offenders getting them back into normality and enjoying what they are good at as well as expressing themselves in a creative way rather than crimes or getting into drugs. Peterborough Council who are also looking to heighten the profile of the city itself.

So, what’s it to do with you, you might ask. Well if you’ve got kids, for one.. this might be of interests. If you’ve got a music, dance or creative side yourself you may be able to share your skills to others plus youngsters. If you’re a business you can think about how you could help. Get involved: Make your own radio ad, make a video advert for your business, make a podcast here instead of in your bedroom. It will help you to break away if you work from home. It will aid you in speaking with some already-professionals in the industry.

We all sat through a presentation of how it all started and who is involved, it showed us who are helping and supporting the hub and it showed us what the future can look like, for youngsters especially.

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